Ciadro was created as a container for art with the purpose of promoting visual and tactile inventions.


Ciadro presents a portable creation of Italian art:
reusable art cloth panels

Every single cloth panel design that we offer is made of 24 squares, forming an image that depicts a real or imaginary world via a superimposition of periods: the past as inspiration for Italian weaving, the present as an essential visual language to communicate information, and a final “level” as an insertion of gold, which is universal to every period.
Art and life together, visual communication that evokes tapestries, interweave signs, signals, symbols, and colours, inspiring exploration of the possibilities of combining materials, planning every component, including the graphic component, of the square object in order to create an art cloth panel entirely made by hand.
Gold crosses the panels not as an element of luxury or as a mere decorative element, but as part of the alchemy that forms the basis of this creation.
Italy is the fourth country in the world in terms of possession of gold, often “invisible” like the microscopic fragments of epithermal gold in Sardinia, in the town of Furtei.
Ciadro is a new extractor of purified gold, guaranteed never to decay.
To the three geometric dimensions a fourth is added: time. The time to read it without calculation. Every piece is, however, open to interpretation according to the viewer’s personality and mood.
Even the size of the cloth panel is a pretext, given the possibility of being taken apart and put back together infinitely, in order to achieve a new concept of art, no longer a single unique piece but multiple, and to include the viewer, who is invited to modify the object, leaving behind its original arrangement.
When we cut up meaningful images in a sort of blender of art, it is the playful aspect of the act that allows us to “grow old in vain”, as Munari says, which is to say not to grow old at all.


“Reuse means using an object or material again, for its original purpose or for similar purposes, without significantly altering its physical form.
The European legislator defines reuse as any operation by which products or components, which are not waste, are reused for the same purpose for which they were conceived”.
“Reuse is not the same as recycling because the latter term indicates operations that bring about a change in physical form. Reuse is preferable to recycling, as it generally saves energy and natural resources.
“Reuse therefore means to extend the useful life of objects, to use a substance, product or material again before it becomes waste.”
(Directive 2008/98/EC).



General information

The elements that make up these art panels, designed to be replaced, repaired and integrated, make this artistic invention reusable and resalable, prolonging its life.
The adhesive connection system, called “in it” , is the replaceable element, in case of reuse of the art cloth panel and allows detaching and reattaching the panel to any new support, either immediately, for temporary installations, or after years of use.
The “in it” adhesive system consists in a side A of a porous, easily wettable substrate structure with good receptive capabilities to create a strong, high-quality bond between the art cloth panel and the adhesion surface. On side B, it consists of a pressure-sensitive self-adhesive, which ensures permanent adhesion to the polycarbonate substrate of which the art cloth panel is composed, while allowing the adhesive system to be removed from the polycarbonate substrate and replaced with a new one.

To glue side A of the “in it“system to a bonding surface, such as a wall, you can use professional, last-generation MS polymer-based instant fixing glues with a suction effect, following the instructions in the technical and safety data sheet of the adhesive used, and taking care to combine them with the “in it” system, as per the instructions below.
To glue side B of the “in it“, system to the polycarbonate support of the decorative panel, gluing must be carried out in an environment with a temperature between approximately +5 C° and +40 C°, with a recommended temperature of 23°C, taking care to exert strong pressure on side A of the “in it“ adhesive.
Caution is recommended when storing the box containing the art cloth panel with the “in it” adhesive system and before installation, once the box has been opened, please allow the material contained in it to acclimatise.
Another characteristic of the”in it” system is that it keeps the squares, the modular elements that make up the art panel, at a distance of about 3 mm from the adhesion surface, a characteristic that facilitates installation, creates a system of aeration that speeds up gluing to the adhesion surface, allowing the underlying surface to breathe and concealing its type and small defects.
In the case of an uneven adhesion surface, this distance can be increased by a few millimetres by using more adhesive.
New “in it” adhesive elements, which are necessary to reuse the art cloth panel without damaging it, can be purchased through the contacts you will find on the website.
The use of this modern adhesive system, called “in it”, allows this art cloth panel to be reused and to become antique over time. Each painting, which makes up this art cloth panel, is a handmade work, finished with mixed techniques, made on different types of material and supported by a polycarbonate base of various sizes and thicknesses.
In the decorative part, we represent overlapping scenarios in which gold is an expression of our creative exploration.
The panel is an element of artistic invention that is also repairable and has a long life expectancy. The differences created by manual workmanship are characteristics of uniqueness.
The dimensions and appearance of the art panels are initially standard, but can be modified, either during manufacture or subsequently over time, by integrating and adding new elements.
Modifications made subsequently may show differences in colour.
Using standard polycarbonate tools, it can be easily and accurately cut, punched and bent. It can also be installed on external supports, in sheltered areas, using specific adhesives, following the technical data sheet of the adhesive.
Refer to qualified personnel for installation of the art cloth panel and any modifications. The decorative elements in relief are gilded with 22 carat gold.

The image is reproduced using the same colours and motifs but with arbitrary changes to the composition to give the product its uniqueness.
CIADRO reserves the right to modify the artistic wallpaper.
The wallpaper is signed by the authors.


Modular compositional element.
The 500 mm x 400 mm x 1.5 mm thick art cloth panel is made of PC material combined with cotton/polyester.


Double-sided removable adhesive system: on the one hand it adheres by means of a physical mechanism allowing immediate adhesion and cohesion; on the other hand, the “in it” adhesive system has a container to be filled with the latest generation of professional, hybrid polymer-based adhesive for putting the picture on multiple surfaces.
It is always possible to remove the “in it” system from the same surfaces as well as from the back of the painting using a physical mechanism.
The new use of artistic wallpaper requires new “in it” adhesives.


Conventional minimum 22-carat gold-plated unit as a modular compositional element of image processing.


Italian art box made of wood or expanded pvc painted with water-based paints, to be stored for the art cloth panel once removed from the adhesive surface for reuse in a new location.

The type of material used for the box depends on the country of destination following that country’s regulations.

The box and its contents weigh approximately 18 kg.


To calculate the price of a standard-sized decorative cloth panel, width 200 cm x height 240 cm, or larger than standard size, add the width in cm to the height in cm of the decorative upholstery. Multiply the result of the sum by the coefficient 0.6, then multiply by 10: L + H x 0.6 x 10.
Important: the minimum multiplication coefficient of 0.6 increases according to the artist involved in the design and manufacture of the art cloth panel.
In the case of a request for a larger size than the standard, multiples of the single picture (50 cm x 40 cm) making up the decorative upholstery will be supplied.


Golden invaders

A universe under fire from presences and golden bullets, to confine invasive desire to the realm of play. Between fiction and reality, the universe remains suspended trying to preserve its (dis)order.

Golden liberations

We are like those who will make you go…. emulating Beatrice in canto II of Dante’s Inferno. Our intention is to invite you to let go as you may, in the name of an eternal equality in difference.


Irony and parody of a fairy brooding in the sacredness of nature. An imaginative reversal of existential logic attempts a generative alternative like wrasse in an aquarium.

Golden species

A volatile fauna finds the ideal combination for the coexistence of species in an alternation of interactive cohabitations with indefinite divergences and reconnections, in the perennial search for case 4.

Illuminating the painting with a UV lamp will reveal fluorescent colours in the visible light range.

Golden broth

An “astronomical” embrace between two stars gives rise to a binary star pirouetting on its centre of mass while a magician tries in vain to trade comets inspired by Von Liebig.

Illuminating the panel with a UV lamp reveals fluorescent colours in the field of visible light.

Golden Catharsis

Between the spectral frequencies in the brain’s hyper-space, a gunfight is underway against unfaithful microglia cells. Disintegration is finally underway.

Illuminating the panel with a UV lamp will reveal fluorescent colours in the visible light range.


Certificate of authenticity

Guarantees the uniqueness of the work, allows the exclusive purchase of other modular compositional elements of the art cloth panel and the purchase of other “in it” stickers.



The installation consists of modular panels that can be combined in different ways by breaking up and separating the image. The pictures can be installed in groups to form one or more distinct compositions, guaranteeing freedom of interpretation as ideally represented in the animation.


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